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Snow at Ashley Cross and Whitecliff, March 2018

This morning Poole was covered in a blanket of snow…. for the second time this month. I wrapped up warmly and trudged out to have a look at the snow at Parkstone Park, Ashley Cross, […]


Snow at Sandbanks, March 2018

Late this afternoon I ventured out in blizzards to get some photos of snow at Sandbanks. That was quite a challenge in the 50mph winds that whipped along the beach and promenade. When I was […]


Snow in Poole – 1st March 2018

This morning I was out very early to take a few photos of the snow in Poole.  First stop was to have a look at the snow at Poole Park, where there was a bitterly […]


Poole Park Lake in the Ice & Snow – February 2018

A few photos from an early morning trip to look at the ice at Poole Park, Poole, Dorset. The day before this we’d had a little bit of snow, which then stuck to ice that […]


Storm Eleanor at Poole – January 2018

Today I popped out early to witness the force of Storm Eleanor at Poole Harbour. Although the weather here wasn’t as bad as in other areas, it was still mighty windy, especially down at Sandbanks, […]


Stormy weather Sandbanks – August 2017

Today the weather has been horrendous, so I popped down to Sandbanks to take a few photos. Torrential rain, gusts of wind – so strong that at times I could barely stand up – a […]


Grooves on the Green 2017, Ashley Cross, Poole

Photos from ‘Grooves on the Green’, Parkstone Park, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole, Dorset. http://www.groovesonthegreen.co.uk/ Above – 13th July 2017 – building the main stage for Grooves on the Green 2017. Below – photos from […]


New Beginnings – Spring 2017

For the last few days you’ve really been able to see the first signs of springtime. First we had carpets of crocuses, and now we have daffodils and the beautiful and delicate blossoms of magnolias. Meanwhile, the […]


Purple Crocuses Broadwater Avenue, Poole, Dorset

The spring-flowering, purple crocuses in Broadwater Avenue, in Lower Parkstone, Poole, have been there for as long as I can remember. Each year the delicate flowers have been spreading a little further but, in my opinion, 2017 is […]


Foggy Evening at Poole Quay

Late last night I had a trip out to Knowlton Church to see if I could see the Aurora Borealis (away from light pollution).  According to the national press, the Northern Lights ‘might be visible from anywhere in the […]