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Storm Eleanor at Poole – January 2018

Today I popped out early to witness the force of Storm Eleanor at Poole Harbour. Although the weather here wasn’t as bad as in other areas, it was still mighty windy, especially down at Sandbanks, […]

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Storm Brian Swanage – October 21st 2017

Today I heaved myself out of bed early, going out into the wind and rain to watch ‘Storm Brian’, at Swanage. When I first got there I was a bit disappointed, as the weather wasn’t really […]

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Stormy weather Sandbanks – August 2017

Today the weather has been horrendous, so I popped down to Sandbanks to take a few photos. Torrential rain, gusts of wind – so strong that at times I could barely stand up – a […]

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Sunrise Mogshade Pond, 2nd January 2017

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December 2016 Supermoon Over Poole

This morning, 14th December,  I was up bright and early, to catch what I hoped would be a gloriously-coloured sunrise. As I arrived at Poole Harbour I saw the first hint of a fiery, red sky, […]

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Swanage Storms November 2016

Photos showing the damage to the sea wall at Swanage, Dorset, by ‘Storm Angus’. Last night and in the early hours of this morning the storm hit the south coast, causing flooding in Swanage High Street […]

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Early Morning Autumn Mist Over Dorset

Today I was up and out quite early in order to catch the sun breaking through the mist. I’d half planned to go to Corfe Castle, but at the last minute decided on a different location […]

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Summer Morning in Dorset

This morning I was up at 2:20am and standing in a Dorset wheat field by 4.30am. Sunrise was 5:08, but the sun actually rose over the brow of the hill at exactly 5:30am, just after a […]

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Dorset Poppy Fields at Sunrise

At the end of June, 2015, I was lucky enough to capture the beautiful and magical moment when this huge field of pale pink opium poppies (Papaver somniferum) came to life in Dorset, just as […]

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Sunset at Baiter

Yesterday evening the weather was beautiful so I cycled to Baiter, by Poole Harbour. I only had my mobile phone with me, but managed to capture the amazing cloud formations and evening light. Also some […]

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