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The Lower Parkstone Photographic Project

About The Lower Parkstone Photographic Project

Since February 2012 I’ve been undertaking a personal photo project that documents the various businesses of Lower Parkstone in Poole, Dorset – a ‘snapshot in time’. The very first photos I took were at Treasure Island, which was in Salterns Road. Quite a lot of time has gone by since I started my project and I’ve taken a lot of photos.

Inevitably there has been a lot of change in and around the Ashley Cross area. New businesses have opened and some have closed down, a few buildings have been demolished and new ones have sprung up in their place. People have come and gone and, sadly, a few of those I photographed have now died.  I feel privileged that they allowed me to take their photos and hope I have done them justice.

When I first started The Lower Parkstone Photographic Project, I thought it would take me about 6-12 months. How wrong I was! For a start I’d underestimated the number of business in the area, but it was also finding the time to keep going out. Some people said they were too busy but would take part “one day”, or were going to have their business redecorated and so wanted to wait. One business took over two years of gentle persuasion, as one of the owners was was reluctant to have his photo taken. One day he agreed, thankfully, as the business has now relocated away from Lower Parkstone (he was pleased with the photos by the way, but no names!).

After about two years I realised that it didn’t matter if time was slipping by, because change was good. I knew I’d been wrong to want to finish a project like this in such a short time. Yes, I still went out and took photos throughout each year, but I didn’t need to rush (only if I found a business was shutting down of course!).

As I write this (September 2022) it is year 10 of the Lower Parkstone Photographic Project. Who knows when I will finish but is there even a finish date?


At the end there will be an exhibition of the best and most interesting photos, hopefully in Lower Parkstone.  The target for this is 2022, when the photos will have spanned 10 years.

How can local businesses take part?

Just contact me. If you have a public-facing business (i.e. you don’t work from home) in Ashley Cross/Lower Parkstone it is free for your business to take part. You will have your own page on my website *, just like the other businesses. There is no catch, it’s just good publicity for you and for me!

*Please note: the photos on your page will show you and your business at the particular time of taking of the photos. That means I will not be updating or deleting them because they capture a moment in time, which is what this project is all about. I am, however, happy to update your business’ contact details etc. (e.g. website, email, telephone number) if they change.

Read an article on the Lower Parkstone Photographic Project in the December 2013 issue of  ‘Parkstone Matters’.

Snow on the old St. Peter's School building, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Poole, Dorset.

Snow on the old St. Peter’s School building, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Poole, Dorset. In this photo Images Health & Fitness Club is still there (March 2018).

Lower Parkstone businesses (listed by road)

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Photos of Lower Parkstone in @1910, @1930 with 2018 comparisons

Please do not use these photos without permission from the copyright holders (barriepictures.co.uk for the early ones and me for the 2018 ones).

Bournemouth Road, Lower Parkstone @1930 and in 2018

Photo of Bournemouth Road, Lower Parkstone @1930.
Bournemouth Road, Lower Parkstone, December 2018.

Station Road, Lower Parkstone @1930 and in 2018

Photo of Station Road, Lower Parkstone @1930. Looking towards Commercial Road.
Station Road, Lower Parkstone, December 2018.

Station Road, Lower Parkstone @1910 and in 2018

Station Road, Lower Parkstone @1910.
Photo of Station Road, Lower Parkstone, December 2018.

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