Residents Protest Against Poole Park Entrance Gate Closure

Residents stage protest against Poole Park entrance gate closure

After more than 130 years of Poole Park being open to vehicles, BCP Council wants to permanently close an entrance/exit gate, located in Whitecliff Road and adjacent to Twemlow Avenue Poole. On Saturday 20th January 2024, @250 residents staged a protest at the Whitecliff Road gate.

Dorset Opium Poppies

Dorset opium poppies

The visual spectacle of Dorset opium poppy fields, with mesmerising hues ranging from white to very pale pink, is an annual part of the county's rural landscape.

Harry Paye Pirate Day 2023

Harry Paye Pirate Day 2023, Poole Quay

Harry Paye Pirate Day 2023 was organised by the Pirates of Poole and supported by BCP Tourism. The June 17th event started at noon with the firing of cannons and a parade of pirates.

Springtime In Poole Park

Springtime at Poole Park.

Poole Park's 'Garden of Memories and Reflection' is currently a floral tapestry of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, creams and whites, that proudly display their elegant petals to passersby.

In a secluded corner of the Park a heartwarming sight unfolds. Families of goslings, with fuzzy yellow feathers and tiny webbed feet, have ventured out into the world, guided by the watchful eyes of their parent geese. Meantime, Poole Park's resident fox is on the prowl.

Bournemouth & Poole Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Bournemouth & Poole Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

The 2023 Bournemouth and Poole Distinguished Gentleman's Ride was one of the biggest rides in the UK, with 941 motorcycle riders taking part.

This annual ride is the world's largest charitable on-road event, uniting classic and vintage-styled motorcycle riders from around the world.

Green-Winged Orchids at Golden Cap

A beautiful green-winged orchid at Golden Cap, Dorset

Between Eype and Lyme Regis lies Westhay Farm, on the Golden Cap Estate. In the care of the National Trust, this area is managed via an organic tenancy agreement.

Dorset Bluebell Woods

Bluebells in a Dorset woodland setting

This year I was lucky enough to find several lovely Dorset bluebell woods. In previous years, for one reason or another, I've missed 'bluebell season'. 2023 has certainly been a great year for bluebells.

Pasqueflowers 2023

Pasqueflower at Martin Down NNR

2023 doesn't seem to be a good year for wild-growing pasqueflowers. At Therfield Heath, in Hertfordshire, compared to last year there are barely any flowers at all. That's the thing though, a good year is often followed by a bad year. At Martin Down NNR there was one magnificent specimen though, growing all on its own.

Inkpen Crocus Field, Berkshire

Inkpen crocus field

Not far from Newbury, in Berkshire, is a 3-hectare meadow that hosts Britain's largest display of wild crocuses. This is 'Inkpen Crocus Field', which explodes in colour each spring with an estimated 400,000 purple and white flowers.


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