A Dorset Red Poppy Field In November?

Nov 13, 2023

Dorset Red Poppies In Autumn

Yesterday, I was driving home after photographing autumn colours in Dorset woodland when I spotted a red poppy field. Since it’s mid-November, this was amazing.

I was compelled to find somewhere to park, and walked back to take a better look. Sure enough scores of red field poppies had poked their heads up for a look around, but in the distance you can see the russet tones of autumnal trees and shrubs.

In my haste to look at this poppy field I forgot to put my Wellingtons on, so my shoes became almost immediately caked in mud since it was wet – everywhere. Muddy shoes were worth it though, as I have never before seen a field of Dorset red poppies flowering so late in the year. It was certainly a wonderfully inspirational sight.

Dorset red poppies in a field flowering in November

A field of Dorset red poppies flowering in November.

Dorset red poppies flowering in November

The red poppy field with autumnal trees in the distance.