PORTAL by Lucid Creates, Bournemouth Beach

Sep 28, 2023

Arts By The Sea Festival 2023

PORTAL stands 15m high and is a large-scale art installation commissioned for Arts by the Sea festival, at Bournemouth.

PORTAL was designed by award-winning Lucid Creates to evoke awe and wonder, with lights that move and shift, to create a mesmerising and ethereal display of glowing light and patterns.

PORTAL is on display near Bournemouth Pier and will be on the beach until Wednesday 4th October, after which it will be dismantled.

PORTAL by Lucid Creates at sunrise on Bournemouth beach

Sunrise swimmers brave the sea at PORTAL, near Bournemouth Pier.

Portal by Lucid Creates. Art installation at Bournemouth beach

A passer-by stops to take a photo of PORTAL on Bournemouth beach.