Springtime In Poole Park

Jun 1, 2023

Spring has arrived in Poole Park. The once-dormant trees have awakened from their wintry slumber, flowers are unfolding and the gentle rays of the sun play upon the Park’s lakes. I do love this time of year because there’s something very special about it: it feels as if there is hope and joy and a while lot more.

Garden of Memories and Reflection

Poole Park’s ‘Garden of Memories and Reflection’ (formerly ‘Rose Garden’) is now a riot of colours: a floral tapestry of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, creams and whites. A variety of flowers proudly display their elegant petals to the passersby who wander in, many stopping to take a few photos and also to smell the roses. Other people sit awhile on one of several benches, taking in the beautiful garden.

In a secluded part of the Park, close to a lake, a heartwarming sight unfolds. Families of goslings, with fuzzy yellow feathers and tiny webbed feet, have ventured out into the world, protected by the watchful eyes of their parent geese. Get too close and they will certainly hiss at you!

Fluffy and endearing, their cuteness has drawn the attention of many of Poole Park’s visitors, including me. Soon, they will turn into young geese, ready to face the world with their newfound independence.

The Fox of Poole Park

Poole Park’s resident fox makes an appearance every evening, scouting around for easy pickings. Of course, there may be more than one fox, but I’ve seen the same one several times now.

The fox is pretty tame and not too worried about people and I’ve seen someone feeding him/her with lumps of meat. Every so often the fox goes on the prowl and attempts to chase after some of the birds, but they soon gang up on the fox and it leaves.

A Dorset Red Poppy Field In November?

I was driving home after photographing autumn colours in Dorset woodland, when I spotted a red poppy field. It’s mid-November, so this is an amazing find.

Dorset Opium Poppies

The visual spectacle of Dorset opium poppy fields, with mesmerising hues ranging from white to very pale pink, is an annual part of the county’s rural landscape.

Green-Winged Orchids at Golden Cap

Between Eype and Lyme Regis lies Westhay Farm, on the Golden Cap Estate. In the care of the National Trust, this area is managed via an organic tenancy agreement.

Dorset Bluebell Woods

This year I was lucky enough to find several lovely Dorset bluebell woods. In previous years, for one reason or another, I’ve missed ‘bluebell season’. 2023 has certainly been a great year for bluebells.

Pasqueflowers 2023

2023 doesn’t seem to be a good year for wild-growing pasqueflowers. At Therfield Heath, in Hertfordshire, compared to last year there are barely any flowers at all. That’s the thing though, a good year is often followed by a bad year. At Martin Down NNR there was one magnificent specimen though, growing all on its own.

Inkpen Crocus Field, Berkshire

Not far from Newbury, in Berkshire, is a 3-hectare meadow that hosts Britain’s largest display of wild crocuses. This is ‘Inkpen Crocus Field’, which explodes in colour each spring with an estimated 400,000 purple and white flowers.

Dorset Marsh Gentians: Rare & Beautiful

Marsh gentians thrive in areas of wet, acid heathland or grassland. Nationally rare, this beautiful plant is on the decline.

Wareham Forest’s Carnivorous, Purple Pitcher Plants

Wareham Forest’s carnivorous, purple pitcher plants were reported to have been introduced to the area in the 1980s. Despite their exotic appearance, they are non-native and highly invasive.

Dorset Pink Poppy Fields 2022

This year I had decided not to bother photographing any Dorset pink poppy fields. Having taken photos of opium poppies every year since 2015, I simply felt that I’d had my fill.

It’s Dorset Red Poppy Field Time!

Are these the first Dorset field poppies of 2022? I was out and about today and chanced upon these Dorset red poppies, scattered amongst the pale yellow rapeseed. It was a beautiful and welcome sight and so early in the red poppy season too. I really hope to see a lot...