Abbey Hill Steam Rally 2024

May 4, 2024

An annual event held over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend

Photos from Abbey Hill Steam Rally 2024, an annual 4-day event held over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend, at the Yeovil Showground, Yeovil, Dorset. 

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The dogs of Abbey Hill Steam Rally 2024

The photos of these dogs were taken on Saturday 4th May, at Abbey Hill Steam Rally. I have deliberately not included photos of their owners.

Amidst the rows of gleaming machinery, dogs become honourary members of the steam enthusiast community, garnering attention and affection from both fellow attendees and organisers alike. Some dogs wear colourful bandanas as they trot alongside their human companions, seemingly oblivious to all that is going on.

Each furry friend adds a touch of warmth and companionship to the event, reminding everyone that amidst the marvels of technology, the simple joy of canine companionship is a timeless treasure.