Northern Lights Over The New Forest

May 10, 2024

Aurora borealis – spectacular colours…

Last night, one of the strongest geomagnetic storms for years hit the Earth, lighting up skies across most of the UK. These storms increase the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis.

In the early hours of Saturday 10th May, in a rare spectacle for the south, the New Forest was temporarily bathed in hues of pink, scarlet, yellow, and green. The storm activity was classed as the highest, G5.

Northern lights aurora borealis in the New Forest

Northern lights (aurora borealis) over the New Forest.

Northern lights aurora borealis over the New Forest

Aurora borealis over the New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

Braving hordes of ravenous midges, and going from location to location, at about 11 pm I was rewarded with my first-ever sighting of aurora borealis. You could even see it with the naked eye, and it showed up pretty much in every direction, not just to the North.

Being almost entirely free from light pollution, the New Forest was a perfect spot to see the Northern Lights. With only one or two other people there too, it was an amazing night for photographing aurora borealis and 2+ hours that I will never forget.

Northern lights over the New Forest Hampshire UK

Northern Lights in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

Northern lights over Mogshade Pond

Northern Lights at Mogshade Pond.