‘Restore Nature Now’ Protest, London

Jun 22, 2024

80-100k people demonstrate in London for urgent action on the nature crisis

More than 350 environmental groups marched through London today with one common goal: to demand the next government stops ignoring the nature crisis and takes urgent action.

The largest gathering for nature and climate the UK has ever seen.

The ‘Restore Nature Now’ protest was supported by a diverse coalition of wildlife and environmental organisations, and comprising 80-100k people was the largest gathering for nature and climate the UK has ever seen.

The event was also noteworthy because, for the first time ever, mainstream organisations including the Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, WWF-UK, National Trust and Woodland Trust stood alongside more radical groups, including Extinction Rebellion.

From mid-morning protestors gathered at Park Lane, before marching to Parliament Square for a rally where they called on politicians to address the dire state of nature in the UK, where significant biodiversity loss has been documented.

‘Restore Nature Now’ featured speeches from leaders of various environmental organisations, highlighting the urgent need for effective and immediate measures to reverse ecological decline. Speakers included Chris Packham (hosting the event), Megan McCubbin (hosting), Liz Bonnin (wildlife presenter), Steve Backshall (British naturalist and explorer), Dr Amir Khan (bestselling author and NHS GP), Tanya Steele (WWF-UK), Craig Bennett (The Wildlife Trusts), Nadeem Perara (Flock Together), Nemonte Nenquimo (Indigenous Activist and author).

The specific goals of the march can be seen here.