Red Poppy Field, Wiltshire

Jun 14, 2024

Wiltshire red poppies 2024

In the absence of any red poppy fields in Dorset (as yet), I made an early morning trip to Wiltshire to see a huge field of red poppies. It was a bit of a trek to get to the location, which can’t be seen from any road, but it was so worth it.

The sight of all those red poppies in one place was absolutely stunning and, amazingly, I had the place to myself for the whole time I was there.

My visit to the red poppies

The beautiful Wiltshire red poppy field in full flower.

The beautiful Wiltshire red poppy field in full flower.

Getting up at an unfeasibly early hour, my visit to the red poppy field comprised a mixed bag of weather. Luckily, although quite windy the sun came out from time to time, bringing some wonderful light that swept across the poppies. Blue skies soon gave way to grey, then a tiny sprinkling of rain, and after a while it was time to go, as by then the good light had gone.

About red poppy fields

Red poppies grow in disturbed soils and are often found in agricultural fields and along roadside verges. They are annual plants, completing their life cycle within one growing season.

Changes in agricultural practices and land use have impacted the growth of wild poppies, which is why you rarely see poppy fields anymore, especially in Dorset. Preserving traditional farming methods would help to maintain these beautiful fields.

Poppy field locations

Wiltshire red poppies under a moody sky

Wiltshire red poppies under a moody sky.

I’m often asked for poppy field locations, but you won’t see red poppies appear in the same place year after year; it is impossible to predict where they will pop up.

I never give away locations, so please don’t ask. That’s because before you know it an army of people with cameras and phones invades the place, often trampling on the plants in an attempt to take selfies etc. with the red poppies. Social media goes wild with people then telling others where the flowers are.

I also believe that if I’ve made the effort to find a location, using my time and fuel, then others should be able to do the same. Locations shouldn’t be handed over on a plate to anyone who asks.

Insects love poppies too!

Poppies are great for attracting a variety of pollinators, including bees and butterflies.  It is always a privilege to be part of that whole ecosystem, even for a short amount of time, and my visit to this gorgeous Wiltshire red poppy field was no exception.

A gorgeous Wiltshire red poppy field