Snowdrops Kingston Lacy

Snowdrops, Kingston Lacy, Wimborne – February 2017.


Snowdrops Kingston Lacy

Snowdrops and miniature cyclamen

Today I went to photograph snowdrops at Kingston Lacy. It was a gorgeous and beautifully sunny day, but very busy because it was the end of half term.

Due to the crowds I realised it was going to be very difficult to get any decent snowdrop photos – well, without getting trodden on or tripping people up. Nonetheless, I eventually managed to find some less busy parts of the Estate and bedded myself down amongst the leaves and mud to take the shots I wanted, without crushing the delicate flowers of course. In fact most of the passers by were too busy looking at the snowdrops to spot me!

At the end of the day I returned to a wooded glade of delicate and beautiful miniature cyclamens, which were nestled in amongst the snowdrops. I’d been there earlier, but it was a ‘no go area’ as there were so many people photographing the snowdrops on their mobile phones.

As the last rays of the sun danced upon the delicate petals I took the last of my snowdrop photos, before finally emerging, covered in mud, not long before Kingston Lacy shut its gates for the night.