Pet cemetery in a wood in Dorset.

A pet cemetery, hidden away in a Dorset wood.

Hidden away in a wood, deep in the Dorset countryside, is a pet cemetery. I stumbled upon it quite by chance when I stopped en route from a photoshoot, having seen some photogenic rhododendrons in the distance.

The plants proved to not be as good as I thought, but I never forgot about the pet graveyard. Fast forward two years and I made a return visit, to find a couple or so more pet graves.

I’m not sure if this is a happy or a sad place, but what I do know is that the pets have been laid to rest in a wonderful setting. I wonder if they’re all dogs and, if so, whether this was their favourite place to walk? Without seeing anyone to ask I’ll probably never know, because there’s no mention of this hidden pet cemetery anywhere on the web.

Actually, as I write this I can imagine going back there at night and finding the animals running around and playing together. Now would that be good, or would it be creepy? As I say I’m still in two minds about how I feel about this place.

I’m glad to see that Mickey and Jack have been reunited, but I want to know more about them. And Bonnie, what did she look like? Was she a dog, a cat, a tortoise, or maybe a gerbil? And Alfie clearly had sixteen happy years with his owner, Fred.

These are just phone photos, but I’ll be back soon to visit Belle and co to take some better photos. Both times I’ve visited the pet graves it’s been very sunny, so I need to wait for ‘better’ weather. In the meantime rest easy, pets.

"Alfie, a lovable rogue", buried in a pet graveyard in Dorset woodland.

“Alfie. A cheeky rogue of the highest, but most lovable, order! Thanks for 16 yrs, Fred.”

Bonnie's grave in a pet cemetery hidden away in Dorset woodland.
“Bonnie. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.”
Mickey and Jack reunited in a pet cemetery in a Dorset wood.

“Mickey. Back with Jack. Together Forever.”