Dogs of the Great Dorset Steam Fair

In 2015 I took a few photos of dogs at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. During subsequent GDSFs I thought about doing a lot more, but 2022 was the year that it actually happened.

There were lots of dogs at the GDSF this year and, of course, all have their own personalities and unique expressions. I started out by not asking dogs’ names, but quite quickly it seemed important to me to find out. In fact, there were two dogs called Buddy: one a one-eyed Boxer and the other a Golden Labrador.

All the dogs were an absolute joy to photograph and I’m already looking forward to meeting and photographing more of them at the 2023 Great Dorset Steam Fair.

One dog owner at this year’s event was amused that I would want to do this, saying “What, you want to take photos of my dog when there are all these steam engines around?” 

Talking of which, it’s intentional that I only ever show a hint of the owners. After all, it’s the dogs that are the real stars of the show.