Tonight I was recceing another photographic location, and chanced upon this gigantic red poppy field in Dorset. I haven’t ever seen such a large field of red poppies, so this was a beautiful site, almost bringing a tear to my eye.

Very ‘late to the party’ because of when I arrived, I was just one of several photographers jostling for position as the sun set over the delicate blooms.

Luckily I had my camera with me, but I didn’t have a tripod (because this was just a recce to another area and I hadn’t expected to take any photos tonight!). As a result, the camera was hand held, and I have to say that this red poppy photo has turned out a lot better than I expected. 🙂


Dorset red poppy field 2019.

Huge red poppy field in Dorset, June 2019.