Pink poppy fields Dorset 2021.

This is a phone photo, as I need to return to this pink poppy field to get some ‘proper’ photographs.

Dorset’s pink poppy fields haven’t really been that good this year, just like the red poppy fields, which were also disappointing. In fact, 2021 has been a funny old year for plants and flowers.

Most of the Dorset pink poppies are now over, but what was there this year was all a bit sparse. Some fields were a mix of flowering / already flowered, and many were ruined by strong winds and rain. Bad weather was exactly the same scenario as happened in 2020.

That said, I recently found a giant field of Dorset pink poppies that are still not quite in full bloom, and haven’t been ruined by inclement weather. That means I will need to make a return trip to take more photographs. 🙂

The following day…

Closer to home, I discovered that these Dorset pink poppy fields have been mixed in with red poppies. What a beautiful sight.


Dorset pink and red poppy fields 2021.
Dorset pink and red poppy fields 2021.