Dorset Bluebell Woods

It’s bluebell season!

This year I was lucky enough to chance upon several, lovely Dorset bluebell woods. In previous years, for one reason or another, I’ve missed photographing ‘bluebell season’.

In terms of good photographic light, the time of day I was in the various woods wasn’t always perfect, nonetheless, the bluebells all looked glorious. One day, in particular, there was an interesting combination of rain and sun, which made for some interesting contrasts in photographs.

Bluebells are usually a sign that you are in an ancient woodland, and almost half the world’s bluebell population is found in the UK.

Please don’t walk on bluebells

If you’re lucky enough to visit any bluebell woods, please remember to avoid walking on the bluebell plants. In fact, the leaves are actually the most important part and, if crushed, they cannot photosynthesise and will die. It is also illegal to intentionally pick, dig up or uproot wild bluebells. Anyone caught doing so risks a fine of up to £5,000 and even imprisonment.

It’s a sobering thought to know that a colony of bluebells takes around 5-7 years to establish (from seed to bulb), so wherever you see them please enjoy looking, but don’t trample on them.

Bluebells and wood spurge in a Dorset woodland.

A beautiful mix of bluebells amongst wood spurge in ancient Dorset woodland.

A young beech tree stands proud amongst bluebells in a Dorset wood.

Young beech trees shine out amongst the bluebells in a Dorset wood.

Dorset bluebells amongst beech trees.

The serenity of bluebells amongst beech trees in a Dorset wood.

Dorset bluebells.

Bluebells in a Dorset wood just after a downpour.

Dorset bluebell wood with dappled sunlight.

Bluebells in a sunny Dorset wood.

Bluebells in a Dorset wood.

Dorset bluebells.

Bluebells in a Dorset wood.

Late afternoon sun in a Dorset bluebell wood.

Dorset bluebells just before a downpour.

The rain sets in, but the light is good for showing the ‘blueness’ of the flowers.

Bluebell close-up.

This lone bluebell stands majestically in its Dorset woodland setting.

Beautiful early-purple orchid in a Dorset wood.

An early-purple orchid growing amongst the bluebells.

Bluebells surround an oak tree.

A ring of bluebells surrounds an old oak tree.