Pasqueflowers 2023

Apr 23, 2023

Therfield Heath pasqueflowers

2023 doesn’t seem to be a good year for wild-growing pasqueflowers. At Therfield Heath, in Hertfordshire, compared to last year there are barely any flowers at all. That’s the thing though, a good year is often followed by a bad year.

At Therfield Heath you could almost have missed the few pasqueflowers that were blooming; it was a disappointing trip to Hertfordshire.

Martin Down pasqueflowers

At Martin Down, on the Dorset/Hampshire border, it is the same: I know of very few plants this year, and most of the flowers that are there are tiny.

There was one magnificent specimen though, growing all on its own in a hidden away location. This was a much paler flower than the others – almost a pinkish colour, depending on where you viewed it from and the light. In fact, I’ve never seen such a perfect specimen and I really hope it reappears next year.

Pasqueflower at Martin Down NNR

A perfect pasqueflower specimen hidden away at Martin Down National Nature Reserve.

Pasqueflower at Martin Down NNR
Pasqueflowers at Martin Down NNR

A cluster of rather stunted pasqueflowers growing at Martin Down NNR.