Today I took a trip out to Wareham Forest with the intention of capturing photos of trees in the morning mist. However, the sun came out quite quickly and the misty atmosphere was replaced by winter sunshine.

Below are photos taken in two different woods, and each one had a very different feel.

In the first wood the mist was quickly being replaced by sunshine, but in the second there was no sun. There’s never any sunshine in this type of wood, just gloom.

The second wood actually felt quite creepy. Maybe that was just due to the lack of wildlife, I don’t know, but the stillness that type of tree planting creates is also rather oppressive.

Also, I suddenly noticed an old person shuffling along through the trees and it made me jump. Annoyingly I could never quite get a good look at them, as they kept disappearing out of sight. I don’t know what they were doing, but their presence added to the eeriness.

I didn’t like the feel of that creepy second wood at all, but I know I will be drawn back to that part of Wareham Forest to take more photographs.

Wareham Forest - early morning sunshine.
Creepy woods at Wareham Forest, Dorset.