The Lower Parkstone Photographic Project

September 1, 2012

Dorset pink poppy fields at sunrise 2022

Sunrise and mist: pink poppy field and a Dorset church.

Photos of the businesses in Lower Parkstone…

I am undertaking a photographic project that will document the various businesses of Lower Parkstone and Ashley Cross over a couple of years. See which businesses have already taken part in the photo project by clicking here.

If you have a business in Lower Parkstone that has a ‘public face’ (in other words, I can’t include people who work in a home office somewhere in Lower Parkstone) and you want to be included please contact me.

Here’s the deal:-

  • It costs nothing to take part, apart from your time and goodwill to talk to me and pose for  a few photographs
  • You receive one digital complimentary 7.5″ x 5″ print (or thereabouts) of your business for you to keep
  • A selection of the best photographs of your business will be posted on this website in a special ‘Lower Parkstone’ section, and a short history of you/your business is included on your own page
  • You will be part of Lower Parkstone’s photographic history
  • FREE publicity for your business!

At the end of the Project, hopefully in 2021 or 2022, I will be putting on a photographic exhibition – hopefully somewhere in Lower Parkstone. This will include the best photos from my Lower Parkstone Photo Project.




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