The Most Photographed Barn in Dorset!

April 30, 2016

Dorset pink poppy fields at sunrise 2022

Sunrise and mist: pink poppy field and a Dorset church.

Most photographed barn in Dorset.... rapeseed oil cropThis place has surely got to be the most photographed barn in Dorset!

I had last visited this picturesque Dorset barn at sunrise in July 2015, when the field around it was full of wheat. However, the yellow oilseed rape was what I’d really wanted to see, but this only comes around approximately every other year or so (crop rotation).

So, nearly a year on from the last time, the weather conditions were ideal, but for some reason I wasn’t really that enthusiastic. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to try again.

The field was soon ‘awash’ with people with cameras. In some ways that’s quite interesting as you meet other people, but in others, it’s a bit annoying because you don’t want to be in someone’s way and vice versa. I had heard that the farmer was okay about this, as long as there weren’t too many people and that they stayed within the tramlines, which they did.

I’m not entirely happy with my photograph here, but perhaps that’s just because it feels as if I haven’t taken anything new, because so many other people have the same kind of shot.

Update – May 2016

Back at the Dorset barn at sunrise, but this time I took photos from a different perspective. This view of the barn amongst rapeseed oil plants is one that I haven’t seen in anyone else’s photos, and I’m quite pleased with the way this turned out.

Dorset barn in field of rapeseed oil plants

UPDATE APRIL 2022. I haven’t been to this field since 2016, but I noticed on social media today that the farmer’s rapeseed crop has been damaged. In particular, this was by someone making a ridiculous attempt at a crop circle, resulting in about ten “No trespassing” signs being put up around the field. There have also been reports of 20-30 people at a time with cameras which is, of course, completely unacceptable.

I would urge everyone to keep away and respect the crops, particularly since this view has been photographed to death over the years anyway.

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