This evening I spent a bit of time wandering around a field of majestic sunflowers at sunset. I’d been to the same Dorset sunflower field in July, but very early in the day. Tonight there was only the sound of buzzing bees, mixed in with the occasional noise from a flock of geese flying above.

I prefer photographing the sunflowers in the evening light even though they have their backs towards the setting sun – it’s more dramatic and the light is less ‘flat’.

Contrary to popular belief it’s only when sunflowers are in bud that their heads follow the sun from east to west. Once they flower they slowly stop growing, putting all their energy into developing the seed head. The blooms no longer follow the sun, so the sunflowers stay facing an easterly direction.

Field of sunflowers Dorset.

Field of sunflowers Dorset.

Field of sunflowers Dorset sunset.

Field of sunflowers at sunset, Dorset. August 2017.

Dorset sunflower field at sunset