Photographing ox-eye daisies at first light – Saturday 9th June 2018, North Dorset

November 18, 2017

Saturday 9th June 2018, north Dorset

3 hour flower photography class at a secret location in north Dorset.  NOW FULLY BOOKED.


You’ll need to arrive at the daisy field before dawn (@ 5am), so that you’re ready to photograph some beautiful Dorset ox-eye daisies [Leucanthemum vulgare] from first light onwards.

Whether you want to take landscape shots of the gorgeous daisies, close-up photos or a mixture, this lovely field of white flowers will be an ideal flower photography location for you. You’ll be given tips on composition, making best use of the early morning light (whether sun, cloud or rain) and shown how the settings on your camera will affect the photos you take.

This photography class is ideal for beginners wanting to move away from auto camera settings, or for the more experienced wanting to further their skills at a beautiful ‘first light’ flower location in a small group.

Note: To get to this flower photography location you’ll need to be agile enough to climb over a post and rail fence (at your own risk!). 

Equipment you’ll need to bring with you:-

  • DSLR, preferably capable of manual focus and with a zoom lens. (If in doubt ask me about your camera beforehand).
  • Sturdy tripod.
  • Something to kneel or sit on, e.g. small collapsible stool or similar.
  • Something to put camera bags etc in when you’re not using them so they don’t get wet, e.g. a bin bag.
  • Large umbrella, just in case of inclement weather.
  • Warm, waterproof clothes and Wellington boots. Even if the morning is dry the daisies will be covered in dew, they grow quite densely and are around waist height, so you’ll get very wet walking around. It can also be surprisingly chilly, even in the summer.
  • Breakfast (optional!). We’ll have a break from photographing the flowers at some point, to look at images that have been taken.

Cost: £35 per person, bookable in advance with a non-refundable deposit of £20.  Booking info here.

The balance is payable ONE WEEK before the event. There will be a maximum of 4 people only in the class. A map and meeting location will be sent prior to the start of the course.

N.B. The shoot will go ahead regardless of the weather unless it is torrential rain, thunder and lightning! If that happens we will reschedule.

Light rain or drizzle is okay as it means drops of water on petals, which produces some attractive images. If it rains we can hold umbrellas over our photography equipment.

Depending on the light the shoot will finish around 8 – 8.30am.

Sun rises over ox-eye daisy field Dorset.

The first rays of the sun rise over an ox-eye daisy field in Dorset.

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