This morning a large crowd gathered in Vicarage Road, Poole, protesting against BCP Council’s ‘Active Traffic Schemes’ temporary road closures. Speakers included Laura Phelps, a care provider who organised the protest, and Councillor Pete Miles.

People are angry that the council have imposed the road closures on residents and constituents without consultation and with barely any warning. Consultation will take place once the roads are closed, but they may be shut to most vehicles for up to eighteen months. This may be temporary, or it may become permanent.

There is also anger that emails were sent to councillors with details of projects planned in their wards, which asked them to keep the information “confidential”.

One resident came up to me and held up a bag of dog’s mess. “This is what we think of the council’s plans”, he told me. “And my dog thinks that too!”

Road closures at Stanley Green

Three junctions will be closed at Stanley Green, Poole. Through traffic will be prevented on Tatnam Road and Wimborne Road, plus the westward one-way section of Vicarage Road.

Birds Hill Road & Churchfield Road closed to all vehicles except for buses

Starting on August 31 2020 only buses and bicycles will be allowed to exit Birds Hill Road onto Longfleet Road, and Churchfield Road will become a no through road, meaning no exit/entry to Fernside Road.

Whitecliff ‘Keyhole’ Bridge closed to vehicles

The ‘keyhole’ bridge at Whitecliff has already been closed to all but cycles and pedestrians, with planters preventing vehicles from driving through. Already there are reports of cars mounting the pavement to get around the blockage.