‘Visibly Invisible’ – Photo Project – Models Needed

I’m seeking models for a forthcoming photographic project, ‘Visibly Invisible’. I’m not in a position to pay, but you’ll receive one print as a keepsake and are also likely to feature in a public exhibition.

I’m interested in male and female models, any age. The only prerequisite is that, for whatever reason, you feel you’ve become ‘invisible’ to society. You might not necessarily think that’s a negative experience; I’m also interested in those who find their invisibility positive. I am, however, interested in the background to why you feel the way you do.

You may feel invisible for a variety of reasons, e.g. age, circumstance, illness, accident, retirement, or some kind of event or lifestyle change etc. Perhaps you’re invisible because you’re the ‘other woman’ (or man) in an affair. If that’s the case I can always photograph a body part instead of your face.

I’d also like to find out some background information, which would accompany your photo. For exhibition purposes you don’t need to use your real name, or you could just use your first name. I’d also need you to sign a model release form, which basically agrees I can use your photo(s) for my exhibition, maybe for publicity purposes too (e.g. if I’m asked by the media for an image).

At the end of the Project I aim to have photos of around 15-20 models, together with some narrative on each person – as much or as little as you’re willing to divulge.

Photos would ideally be taken in your own home (should be located within the general Dorset area, or maybe just over the Hampshire border), or at an alternative suitable location.

Initially please contact me, in confidence, via this website and tell me a bit about yourself and I will reply as soon as I can.


Update (10/11/15). There has been a positive response since my request was first advertised, but please do still apply if you feel the above describes you.

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